Ferrari 458 Spider.


We had this Ferrari 458 Spider come to us from Kent High Performance for our full front end paint protection film package.

The first step when a vehicle comes to us for PPF  is to give the vehicle a full decontamination wash. This gives us the ability to now examine the car and see the work that needs to be done.

After examining the vehicle and taping up the edges to prevent damage we now paint correct the vehicle. This is done by using an array of polishes and machine polishers to remove all imperfections in the paint. Such as swirl marks, scratches and any high spots in the lacquer.

Now it’s time for the  paint protection film stage. We use SunTek paint protection film at Dynamic due to its class leading clarity.   The majority of all other known films have an orange peel finish to them which can actually make the paint have more orange peel than the original paint. All of our PPF kits are cut in house using our plotter and database of pre-cut kits. This allows us to  adjust and add wrap to all possible locations to give a seamless finish while also giving you peace of mind that no blades go anywhere near your paintwork.