Frequently asked questions.


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How long does it last?

– Once the vinyl is applied to the car, it can last between 6-8 years depending on how well it is looked after. However many different brands of vinyl’s have different life spans. If you want to know more about a specific brand’s life span, do not hesitate to call and ask.

Will it damage the paint of my vehicle?

No, vinyl will not damage the paint. It will actually act as a thin layer of protection for the paint.

How durable is the vinyl?

– The vinyl is very durable and will withstand any weather thrown at is. However it will still scratch and and stain just like paint work. A good way of protecting the vinyl from this would be to apply a ceramic coating.

How do you clean a wrap?

– You would clean it just like any car. However you should take more care, and we do recommend the two bucket method. We also recommend that you do not stand too close with a jet was/pressure washer to ensure that you do not lift any edged of the vinyl.

Can the wrap be removed?

– Yes, we recommend taking it to a professional such as ourselves in order to remove it safely.

How much does it cost?

– The cost of a wrap depends on the material and colour used and also the type of vehicle, so for a price we would ask that you get in touch with us for an accurate quotation.

Will the colour look exactly the same as shown on my monitor?

– It will look similar, however as all monitors vary in brightness and other factors, in person it the vinyl’s can look different.


Paint Protection Film

Why is this an investment?

– Having PPF applied to your vehicle will help protect the cars paintwork. This then means if the film was applied to a new car and then removed a couple of eyars later it would be like brand new underneath.