2020 Land Rover Defender.


We had this brand new 2020 Land Rover Defender come to us for full SunTek paint protection film.

We started by performing a full safe wash to remove all external  contaminants. This is to ensure the paintwork is clean, grease free and ready for the next stage.

The next stage of our work is to give the car a full paint correction. This stage is the most important, this is so that when the PPF is installed the shine and perfect paint is locked in.

The third stage was to now apply the SunTek paint protection film. This is definitely one of the most important things for a  supercar. Especially something as limited edition as this. SunTek PPF protect the car from stone chips and also has self healing abilities for light scratches.

The final and maybe the most satisfying stage was the ceramic coating. This enhanced the gloss to finish the car off perfectly. The ceramic coating also helps with the cleaning process of the vehicle. The ceramic creates a workable layer on top of the PPF. This means that any bug splatters that would normally bury themselves into the PPF can be cleaned and not a nightmare to get out of the PPF.